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When you spread your hands in dark…anticipating someone will hold them tight and take you out from this mayhem, probably you are cheating yourself. Because, it’s dark and your saviour probably too do not know where, in which direction to extend his/her hand to get you. Probably he/she also, from the other end of the veil, is stretching his/her hand in anticipation of you.

We both hope against hope to get to each other. We both hope that our hands get in touch of each other. We both put our bets on a probable accident.

In the process, you, in desperation of reaching out to the person of your dream, and hoping you reached him/her, grab the finger tight whoever you come across in the dark.

You realize, after many ups and downs…after many heart-breaks, standing on the lifeless body of your dream…that you both are criminals. You shattered somebody’s life. Your friend, whom you mistook for your friend, raped your innocence. You both played with each other, in a cruel play of gladiators, in which you bet your lives.

But, there is no right or wrong in this world. Both are two faces of the same coin. You wipe one face, saying it wrong…you reduce the currency to a valueless metal.
You know it very well, there is only yourself to blame. You failed because you both acted your own way.

But I still stretch my hands in dark…sometimes… I pull it back. Again I put it in the auction. I love to beg, begging is divine.

You should be fair to beggars too. You should not give him one-face-wiped out coin.

Who says beggars cannot be choosers? I love to collect metals. I choose to throw them away.


Yves said…
In a few words, you have, with truth and feeling, expressed a facet of the pathos of life. I wish you would post more.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I like to beg too!
Nautilus said…
Isn't that the beauty of life? We are preconditioned to hope for a better tomorrow even after a crushing defeat!

We are all beggars in some way or the other...we beg for love, for mercy, for respite, for approval, for security...
TheLadyLazarus said…
kemon aachhen, moshai? By the sound of your post, you seem disoriented.
kaushik said…
what happened.. you write to light and bright.. a dark black blog is not for you.. certainly not..
Anando Rocks said…
"Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed."
Anonymous said…
Dar lagta hai aapka blog padhe ke kabhi-kabhi. Ahsaas hota hai ke chehre ke massom se muskrahat ke peeche kuch gehan raaj chuppey hue hai. Ahsaas hota hai ke haamarey paas hoke bhi aap humse kitne door hai. Ahsaas hota hai ke jis saksh ko mein jaanta hoon, woh ek mith hai. Woh hokar bhi nahin hai. Aur woh kab gum ho jayega, pata nahin.

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