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My dog Bony passed away today.

I thought I am immune to sorrow. Nothing stirs me, I thought. But I never thought the death of a four-legged creature would stir me so much. After nearly ten years and many sorrow-traps that I have successfully evaded, I cried today. I almost forgot what tears are. I started thinking tears are for girls and children. But I cried today. i have lost my best friend in the world.

I remember the first day when I brought Bony from Majumdar uncle’s house. Bony’s mother, knowing we are taking her child, as she had experienced earlier, was sitting in the corner…looking at us. Almost begging, don’t take my kid.

Animals have such a strong communication skills. They can convey anything and everything with their eyes. You should be sensitive enough to understand that.

My sister was sensitive, I was sensitive. Sister started crying…almost refused to take the little white puppy, with a hint of grey, with her. I consoled her. We pretended that we didn’t see the mother. We r…