Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bangla blog

It's official now. Ghetufool has started his Bangla blog.

For my non-bong readers, don't get disheartened, i will continue writing in my broken English. Especially, my Piklu series will always be in this blog.

Bong-readers, comment dite bholo na jeno notun blog-e.

Thank You


Yves said...

Ghetufool, I am beginning to become disheartened despite your injunction not to. I do not speak bong. How about an English translation for your less educated devotees?

Ghetufool said...

hi yves,
i am touched by your comment. i am a fan of your blog and when you tell anything, that's an order. i will continue writing here, though not as frequently as i used to do, but at least once in a week. hope you would continue visiting and leave your precious comment.

regarding the translation, if you translate the bengali prose it will lose its charm. everything is in the language and not in the story.

i will write here...even if it is crap, only for people like you.

thanks & regards

Yves said...

You made me laugh! "I will write here....even if it is crap, only for people like you."

Crap is good enough for people like me, eh? thanks GF I am still giggling.

Ghetufool said...

hope you now understood why i switched on to bengali. i meant to say "i write crap." and it turned out to be something else.

of course when i write, i try my level best to write quality things, but at the end it turns out to be CRAP.

and since you are telling me to continue with this blog, you have no choice but to endure this c-thing.

Anonymous said...

zindagi mein ke kuch hasne ke pal mal jaatey the aapke blog mein. ab woh bhi cheen rahey ho. Kathor.