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That day I bumped on a lady, just when I was pondering who she was, that I have seen her somewhere, she closed in on me, meowed…hi handsome…how are you?
I was delighted, I returned her compliments saying the handsome was fine and he was very happy to meet a sexy body like her.

“Meeting? How about mating,” she asked innocently. No doubt, I was on the seventh heaven. But wondered, and finally asked, her nationality.

Indian!!! I came to know first hand. Now that was surprising. I have never come across an Indian lady openly bragging about those mating and shitting stuff. But, bastard that I am, I did not try to spoil the fun by going deep here in the street, in front of everybody.

She pointed towards North, I started walking behind her. then she pointed East, before knowing where I was heading towards, I was on a taxi. Strangely, she didn’t say anything to the taxi, as if the taxi driver knew her address. What is the relationship between the driver and this bong-shell? I was anxious, jealous…