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Laws of attraction

You do what you do naturally. Sometimes you plan, sometimes you don’t. But it’s always what you have always done. If you look closely to your life, your achievements, your failures…you will find a certain pattern. Your spectacular achievements, your heart rending failures…all have a similar pattern. As a human being you circumvent the same ideological point you have always considered dear to your heart.

Observe closely, you made friends with similar kind of people…while, you will be astonished to find…all your enemies have similar patterns. The people who didn’t like you two years ago are exactly similar in nature to the man who NOW hates you from the darkest pit of his heart. You just have to apply the same tactics you did last time to defeat or bulldoze your detractor/s.

Don’t you find it interesting that you fall in love, break, vow not to fall in love, than again fall for the trap…WITH A PERSON QUITE SIMILAR TO YOUR LAST GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND. Here I am not saying relationship OK…I am saying you have to fall in LOVE, genuinely.

I have also a certain pattern in my mind. I always fall in love with the same kind of girl…over and over again. I am the most promiscuous man known to me. I was never ashamed of playing or flirting. But I never hide my intentions that I am indeed playing with somebody.

Each woman emits a certain scent from her body. If you are interested, observe two best friends, who think alike...share same characteristics, share same values, love same food. Zero on them. Come close…little closer. Not saying you hug one, but the proximity as to sitting on the same table or even better…coming in the same cab, is fine. You will find BOTH THE LADIES EMIT THE SAME SCENT from their bodies.

I have always been attracted to ladies with a certain kind of odor. Trust me, the girls you truly-deeply-madly fell in love with, have a similar kind of odor, with a little variety in it.
And an interesting observation, the girl you are attracted to…inadvertently has the same attraction for you. Water attracts water. Love hormones attract their counterparts.

My kind of lady is extremely rare. I have not come across much myself. Though I make it a point to close on in every girl I meet, with a search that long has eluded me. My relationship status with them depends much with the chemical signals…olfactory sensors. Most of the girls, I meet, I make friends with. I might even flirt with them. But a proposal? Never.

But then when I pick up the scent I am always in search for, I can be savage. The wild man wakes up in me. My blood sets afire. I don’t want any explanation, I don’t want to know whether she is married or unmarried. I don’t care any morality…I want her that time. I start spinning web around her. I always knew…nobody can escape my web…if I don’t want to let them escape. Nor do I, if they have that certain smell that have always driven me crazy. I want to love her, get love in return…truly-deeply-madly. But then I break up also. That’s another story. Another peculiarity of my kind of scent.

Just on an unrelated note, try to couple with a person who is just…just opposite to you. Neutrality is only possible when a negative and a positive come together.

Otherwise you both are wasting your life.


Nautilus said…
"Each woman emaciates a certain scent from her body."

Emaciates? You meant "emits", right? :-)

Great observation.I've had so many friends turn into sworn enemies ( I'm exaggerating, of course!) that I totally agree with your theory!!
Ghetufool said…
oops, i made a perfect fool of myself. i made my loved ones starving buddhas.
thanks a lot for saving m from the disgrace.
best regards
Scout said…
:) what else to expect?? anyway, hope your luck with your "special smell" changes...
Ghetufool said…
what do you mean scout?
me damaged beyond repair?
Anonymous said…
wild man what's ur fav brand of ladies perfume? good bhasanbaji...may be u should star writing for one of those agony uncle columns
aklanta said…

I have read in science books that animals track their partners by body scent..but human!

"Trust me, the girls you truly-deeply-madly fell in love with, have a similar kind of odor, with a little variety in it..."
interesting concept, but not easy to accept without experimenting...
so I have to increase my count(!!) and do some research (to prove or disporve your findings)... :))
Shuv said…
intersting..after reading it and casting my mind back..i think u r right! so as the Who sang..'i wont get fooled again'...i am going to an ENT and getting my smell detection thingies removed..thanks pal..
Ghetufool said…
i pardon you.

humans are but animals isn't it? and please don't buy my theory. i write whatever is there in my head. and i have an empty head.

don't blame after the removal. i won't take the responsibility.
Anonymous said…
pardon???? for what????
I guess those are called pheromones, right? may be that's why they had a movie called scent of a woman.
Anonymous said…
abbey to kise perfurm bananey wali company mein naukri kyun nahin kar leta (Part time i suggest) and then help the company to come up with some peculiar body odours. saaley jis ladkion ke baat kar raha hai woh sab ek type ka deo lagati hongey. samjha!!
Ghetufool said…
you are a doctor, you know best.

good idea, never thought on this line.
shadows said…
ghetufool is interesting.......u are somehow in my list of favourite blogs...hough i dont remember where i last read ur blog....hmmph...i was always in love with a certain bengali term 'ghetu phool' flower that comes in no use.....knowing that none of my non bengali friends know of the flower i conclude the obvious.....hmm smells are right..but well i chose to always fallin love with someone with a completely different smell.well with the fact that i have fallen in love only twice....but of course agreeing to ur smell concept....that certain smell that can come from only one person.....everyone smells different ...they may have a 'similar' smell, but definitely not the me something those who u have spun ur web around....did they escape or did u not make the web too strong
Ghetufool said…
thanks for your encouragement.

and hope this line..."I am the most promiscuous man known to me"...answers your query.
shadows said…
hmmm i guess i like encouraging....gee i never knew it before writing this comment
ytant(word verification....relatively easy)

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