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Ten things I miss the most

Here is what Portnoy instructed me to do. Sorry Portnoy, I am late. I have a renowned lazy butt. And hope you won't mind my blabbering.
Ok, here it goes. Elaborately :-DMaa: Yes, I miss my mother around. And I don’t care if you boo me calling a mother’s boy. The sense of security that a mother can give is unmatched in this world. I find myself at a loss when the world around me shows its ugly face. Scheming people, autocratic megalomaniacs, people who get a kick tormenting others, lickasses, …I wouldn’t have minded all these bunch of rascals had my mother been around. At the end of the day I could forgive or forget everybody when I see the guileless and God-fearing face of my mother. She is so reassuring...she persists me to believe in God, in His creations. But here, nobody is there who can instill the same faith in me. Nobody to tell me “don’t gather dust in your mind, that would eventually cause you cancer.” No, maa, you are…

Adventures of Piklu: Interview

“…OK, very good, now tell me how many wheels are there in a rickshaw?

“Hmmm…pretty impressive,” observed one teacher. “This boy is clever,” said the aunty in yellow saree. “Pesky,” opined another. “Pre-posterous,” was the final verdict of the head-aunty.

“Who is the Prime Minister of India?”

Piklu gave the right answer. Among the applause by the teachers, the head-mistress came to the conclusion that this boy was too clever. For the rest of his life in that school this head-mistress would scrutinize his every move. Piklu was too small to realize all these. He was looking for a lee-way to escape this fierce pairs of eyes. The birds were chirping outside. This time Khudi must be kicking the football and rolling on the mud. Why he needs to study in a school afterall? Soon he got lost in all these thoughts.

“What is your father’s name?” thundered the headmistress.

Piklu was looking at the nearby sunset. Two squirrels were busy cracking nuts there. Squirrels never fight. They always sha…