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A plea

OK, enough of fooling around. Those who have read my previous post and planning to snap ties with me, I request, don’t do it in a hurry.

The last post relates to a character of my new drama that I am working on. I am racing against time. I have to submit my first installment (40% of the whole drama) within March end.

This is the first time that our amateur drama group ‘Prayas Natyagoshthi’ is seriously planning to make it big. We are planning to stage our play in Girish Mancha. Those who don’t know what is it; Girish Mancha is one of the elite theater in Kolkata.

I am the dramatist of our group, as such, each year I write atleast two dramas that our group performs. I have always written comedy. Somehow I despise the idea of writing very serious stuff as I am not very serious in my personal life. I have always shrugged off responsibilities as I know I would be very serious once I am entrusted with a work. Of course, my dramas have always a message instilled in the comic dialogues.

It was fine with our small drama group. We used to perform in different localities, most of the time for free. The make-up cost and food was enough to drive us for a power-packed performance. But then, we were students that time.

Now that most of our group members have got a job and some has started new families, we have come to the logical conclusion that, since money is not a problem and we have a real passion for our group, it’s our responsibility to make it big. Ten years from now, we want to count ourselves among the biggies. So we have planned this year, puja-time, we would go all out and try the more-cultured drama going audiences of kolkata.

I am thankful to my comrades that they have again put their blind faith on my writing and has given me the assignment to pen-down a drama. This time, a serious one with a little complexity.

We have a policy not to take dramas of others, not to adopt any book for our drama, we should perform original. I was not in Kolkata for the last two years, sadly, in this period Prayas performed only one drama, and it failed miserably.

The main character of my drama is an acclaimed writer/dramatist who on the surface is an unassuming fellow, but has a darker side. He uses every people who happen to come across him and manipulates situation to pen down his characters. Sounds familiar? Well, actually no. He doesn’t force anybody to do a particular work of his wish. He is at best just a manipulator of situations. And let the events flow on their own.

The plot is how he gets entangled in his own doings and sits down to create his own character. The most difficult job he has ever done.

I am quite hooked to this character and writing at least four hours a day. The most wonderful thing is that I am not planning anything. This is as if, plots are revealing themselves automatically as I progress. I am amazed.

My dear readers, please tell me if the idea would click. This is the first time that I am penning down a drama without reading it aloud to a friend. Nobody to suggest me, where I am heading, right or wrong…

Please please read my previous post and be a good critic. Just keep in mind, it’s a drama and not a fiction and thus overpouring emotions will be there. Melodrama in characters cannot be and should not be ruled out, there should be some scope of stage-acting.

I will introduce different characters in the course of time and hope you will guide me through the maze. Keep reading.


ace of spades said…
thats better....the plot thickens. nice start. BTW, i was the anon guy in the earlier blog who said "shut up and write" (forgot to log in)
Anonymous said…
ah hah!
Anonymous said…
The idea seems to be goodon drawing board and I am eager to see how it gets executed. wish icud go with u 2 kolkata 2 see how ur drama unfolds on stage. Wish u truckloads of wishes on this venture. Eager to know more about the drama!!
Patient Portnoy said…
Great Ghetu, great idea... Do we get invites to the show? Pujo-r shomoy Kolkata-y? hmmmmm, tempting

BTW, don't get carried away with the character. The thin line between can be
very blurry
Pip Squeak said…
Hey, I had no idea you were a script writer! It's all right if you like comedy and avoid serious stuff, but the topic you're writing on, I don't think it's conducive to too much humor really.....

And what language do you write your scripts in?? English, Bengali? Or Bilingual ones?
Anonymous said…
idiot...had'nt u revealed all i would have lynched u and then shoved ur head down the nearest potty!!
now that said and since i'm feeling mighty good, do we get air-tickets to CAL to watch ur drama unfold, even AirDeccan will do..
Ghetufool said…
ace of spades,
it's not the start actually, it's more or less a synopsis of the character. as for the drama, i have progressed a lot.

what do you mean, be more verbose please.

thanks for encouraging me. thanks thanks. i will introduce the synopsis of every character. do keep reading it. and dont hesitate to be a harsh critic.
Ghetufool said…
thanks for the encouragement dear.
well, if yu want to see the drama you are always welcomed. you will get a free ticket, but i am not sure, i myself will be there or not. high probability that i would not get a leave.
thanks for that warning, will keep in mind.
Ghetufool said…
hi pip,
i write in bengali. as you know by now, my english sucks big time. just manage to work with it.

and as i said, this time there is no comedy in my drama, i feared how the theater-going audiences would accept my country-comedies.
Ghetufool said…
saved my ass right on time, what say you? i don't like potty, except after waking up in the morning.
Tiny Black Cat said…
shobai shala natok kore! ami kori na keno? ek kaley bhabtam ei dramatist'guloi one-of-a-kind... ekhon to nije'kei outcast mone hochchhe.
Dhoper chop
Ghetufool said…
natok to amra shobai kori. tai na...
Ghetufool said…
dhore felle baalta...hey dhoroni didha howww...
Shuv said…
good one..maybe u can make the character a little less sinister..kind of like someone who wants to stop using people but can't and feels trapped..
Ghetufool said…
good point shuv. very intelligent point. will keep this in my mind and would try to work on it.
though, my chracter is not necessarily an evil one...but that 'can't help' one raised by you was very nice.
though, i am getting it tough now to pen down the character. goes on showing i am not that mature enough to write a drama of this complexity.
thanks for suggesting. liked it. keep coming.
Shuv said…
yipee!! now i will become rich and famous when you mention me in the 'acknowledgements' section!!
Ghetufool said…

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