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Hi Kolkata bloggers, I am going to my beloved city on Sunday. Would like to meet you all. Please give me a call at 2673-5628 (my home number) I would come to meet you, if you wish so. Otherwise, even if you are not that eager to meet me, we can have a chat over the phone. If I am not there, please leave your number, I will definitely contact you.

Looking forward to meet you all.


After I passed my graduation, my well-wishers thought I should be independent now. In the sense I should get a job, a government job of course. I had this attitude of vini, vidi, vici (or is it vini, vici vidi…or vidi, vini…anyway somewhat of the permutation combination, isn't it?)

So after scouring through scores of job advertisements, I zeroed on a job fit for me. Revenue Officer with RBI. Earlier, I gleefully rejected all those jobs that best suit the middle class pen-pusher bongs. I have seen my father, and I have hated him all my life for writing with those twin riffled pens (linc-made), red on one end and blue on the other. The idea that I had to handle it and make it my life partner was something alien to me, better suited for lesser mortals like my father and Co.

I didn’t go through the prospectus properly, only I noted that I had to appear for a preliminary written test (what nonsense), than main test (I know what stuffs would come there) and viva (huh, you didn’t see me ta…

A plea

OK, enough of fooling around. Those who have read my previous post and planning to snap ties with me, I request, don’t do it in a hurry.

The last post relates to a character of my new drama that I am working on. I am racing against time. I have to submit my first installment (40% of the whole drama) within March end.

This is the first time that our amateur drama group ‘Prayas Natyagoshthi’ is seriously planning to make it big. We are planning to stage our play in Girish Mancha. Those who don’t know what is it; Girish Mancha is one of the elite theater in Kolkata.

I am the dramatist of our group, as such, each year I write atleast two dramas that our group performs. I have always written comedy. Somehow I despise the idea of writing very serious stuff as I am not very serious in my personal life. I have always shrugged off responsibilities as I know I would be very serious once I am entrusted with a work. Of course, my dramas have always a message instilled in the comic dialogues.

It was f…


I challenge every intelligent human being to rip off my mask and reveal the true me. That will be a daunting work I bet. If you think I am a jolly good fellow, you will soon find I am not. If you think I am serious, you are in a maze of deception. How I get the fun cheating you, everyday, every moment.

If you have the courage to rip off my mask (do you have the expertise too?) you will get a shock of your life, seeing the true me. I know how disappointed and cheated you would feel then.

My friend, do you know, you were never a friend? I am a person as lonely as an island. I allow you as much as I want you to. You can never force me to do what you want, but I have always used you as much as I wanted. You thought I am entertaining you…nah…I am using you. You entertain me. I like to fool you.

How I confuse you all the time. The picture you are holding as dear to you would snap the moment I feel, you are no more needed in my life. Ain’t I a selfish asshole. But I like it that way.

Some of you…