Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Valentine

May be I know what you wanted from me
May be I don’t

May be we were nice yesterday
May be we are no more

May be you loved me then
May be you still do

May be we can rekindle the old flame once again
May be the wind is pretty strong

May be we could forgive each other
As forgetting is impossibility

May be if you would have been there beside me
I would fight back one more time

May be you are happy
May be you are not

May be you miss me
As I always do

May be you can call me now
You know how much willing I am to go

Is there enough space darling
To accommodate me
In your world
I want to touch you again

Please hold my hand once again
Press it gently, let me cry
Darling, I want to get back to you
Dahling, I want to die


Anonymous said...

what a poem.................wah

Ghetufool said...

i am not sure how much you know about poem. i seriously doubt your knowledge.
but, thanks.

Chaila Bihari said...

Valentine day bhalo katlo to?

Ghetufool said...

ki kore katbe bolo bhai,
gari nei, thakar bhalo bari nei, sab theke boro katha, kono nari nei.
jibone prothombar mone holo briddho hoye gechi.
jani tomar bhalo keteche, tomader dekhe eersha korina, sudhu buke ektu byatha hoi.

TheLadyLazarus said...

"briddho" to botei. 30-something fossil. Kheye deye kono kaj nei.

For a person who HAS no "nari", you sure do write soppy stuff.

Neeway, wait till next year.

Roshomon said...

Some questions remain unanswered I guess!

Godknows said...

interesting post

TheLadyLazarus said...

It was CRASS.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you can write poetry also. A nice gentle touching piece. Am curious to know what finally happened. Did she allow you back in her life after your V'day poem. Post your post V'day happenings in the blog.

Ghetufool said...

yeah its better to remain unanswered.

read it carefully, you'll get the answer.

Anonymous said...

I read and re-read and read it again. Poetry is a mystery, just like Mona Lisa. If u are happy u feel the frame is happy and if u are sad so gets the frame. ur piece of poetry is no different. The answer may be there but I don't have the discerning brains to deciper teh same. it is like Da Vinci's code.

Ghetufool said...

dear anon,
thanks for giving that much attention. i am overwhelmed.
did you mention da-vinci? feel like i am a genious.
anyway, it was never a poetry, i seriously dont think i can write one.
it was something that i wanted to express, thought of writing it in this style. didn't have the mood to write a verbose prose.
thanks thanks and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

All said and done my question remains unanswered. Please break the Code for the lesser mortals. Let thine know where the answers lie buried in thy poetry whcih is as fresh as a rose petal.

Ghetufool said...

my dear anon,
i am honoured that you gave so much importance to that piece.
it's a little secret of mine, that i don't want to make explicitly public.
please pardon me for not answering it. it's upto you to find out, if at all.
maybe i am a total failure in codifying the secret and it is leading somewhere else.
in any case, let's call it a day.
please don't feel cheated or insulted, i hope you continue visiting my blog. i am really really elated for the attention you gave me. that's the highest i have ever received. thanks buddy.