Morning I saw mass slaughtering. Goats were sacrificed in the occasion of Bakri Eid.

I have no objection in butchering. After all biryani is next to heaven. But what moved me was the helpless cries of the goats.

They were watching their mates dragged or carried away and their throats slit. Worst still it was all happening in front of their eyes. The animal was skinned just in front of them. oh, will never forget how their eyes were fixed on their freshly butchered friend’s body, hanging from a clip. They were not looking anywhere else. Their eyes moist with tears, I could realize they were crying in their broken voice. The youngest of them was literally shivering. They were desperately crying for somebody to rescue them. All these sacrificial animals are darn intelligent.

Some boys were trying to drag their horns. They were obliged to follow them, but their eyes…their eyes were fixed on the hanging bodies. They were crying…oh…they were crying like a baby.

I understand sacrifice is necessary. Butchering is necessary for maintaining balance. Besides we are carnivorous animals. We need meat.

But couldn’t be the whole affair done more humanely. If sacrifice was the ultimate moto that why sacrifice and skin in front of them. They could have been kept in a confinement and carried or dragged to their fate one by one, without giving any hint what is going to hit them. But the scene was simply inhumane.

My hometown is Konnagar. My place is famous or infamous for Shakuntala Kali puja. I must confess, I pray to kali maa, whenever I am in trouble or feel lonely. But whenever the puja happens, sotime in April, I curse her like anything. I curse her, cause she is supposed to take care of our well being, than, if she exists (I believe in super natural divineness), why cant she stop these blood thirsty people.

At least one thousand goats get butchered that particular night between 7 pm to 4 am. All the mandir premises gets flooded with the blood of innocent goats. And 1000, is a must, otherwise, people say SHE gets angry. Bloody hell.

There also the animals see what is happening to their mates. In front of their moist eyes, others are chopped. It’s ultimate cruelty.

Aren’t we human beings?

Tomorrow I have to eat the biryani that my house owner would give me. I know I would relish it. I know I would forget last morning’s crime.

After all, I am also a carnivorous human.


Tridib said…
I think people hardly look do it in the spirit of 'sacrifice', it's more of our innate bloodlust finding an outlet. I had seen a sacrifice once, when I was very young. That was the first and the last time. I also can't take the pitiful bleat of the poor animals as they are taken away for slaughter. But then, here we are and there they are in the food chain. Nothing will change unless that equation changes!
Bone said…
mutton. yuck! the way they keep them hanging from roadside shops itself makes me so sick.

oboshyo that doesn't mean i eat chicken, so i love watching moorgi being slaughtered. in fact, coming to think of it... have i ever seen the act? um, no. serious chintaar byapar.
ghetufool said…
the equation is not going to change, don'y want it to change also. but...i would plea for some humane treatment. it's simply not done, qurbani or bali, or sacrifice whatever you say if it is done with such a cruelty...than it's simply not a religion. i firmly believe no religion permits cruelty. but we are pretty bastards. we are perverts.
really i was sad that day.

and thanks for dropping in. tomake paye dhorbo kina bhabchilam. bhalo laglo, bhule jaoni amar blogta.
ghetufool said…
" love watching moorgi being slaughtered."
did you say 'love'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway can't expect much from you, afterall you love cat. and i 'love'd to kick them (when i was small).

and taste mutton. khidirpur's haji's mutton is the ultimate moksha in life.
noob said…
Um, firstly, you're straying off target. You should be showering abuses on us, not Kaali 'ma' or whatever. Kaali is just an invented concept. Invented by us. Sacrifices are also invented. And really, I was 'moved' by your quote- " COuldn't this be done in a more humane fashion?"- What's the difference if you chop off a goat's head after treating it with chloroform? It will die anyway....
Scout said…
oh pipe down people and enjoy the meat!
ghetufool said…
kali is our imagination, no doubt. but as i mentioned i believe in supernatural.
superstitious people like me need some form to worship the supernatural. that's why 'maa'.

and there is a difference in killing somebody mercilessly and applying anasthetic. don't confuse boy.
noob said…
don't they die anyway?? ANd it seems we have something in common- we hate cats.... ha ah ahhaaaaa!!!
thorswheels said…
I got raw meat (from butchered sheep) from two of my neighbours and was absolutely thrilled. I have fed and fattened goats and seen them being butchered. No qualms abouth that.
ghetufool said…
you are a gigantic cauldron of INHUMANITY.
I am going to forward your reply to Maneka Gandhi.

i stand corrected. i don't hate cats anymore. i love all sort of creatures. i love to eat most of them.
sadsack said…
where do u think bali ka bakra originated from ghetu!!

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