Saturday, January 07, 2006

Birthday special

Third January was my birthday. Nothing special to the mankind. Special to me…nah, I don’t think so.

My sister called me up, my mother called me up, my brother called me up, some of my relatives called me up and wished me. My father called me up and scolded me for squandering my money like a fool.
My insurance agent called me up and wished me and added how vital this time is for me to start a new policy.

Planet M wished me via email and extended an offer to buy anything from the store and get a 10 percent discount…specially to celebrate my birthday, Titan industries wished me via email and stated how a particular range of watches would suite me in this vital year of mine. Citizen was ecstatic on their birthday wish mail to me and said, they expect a long-term relationship with me and how timely they are to wish me first…their new range of chronographs are exactly like me…elegant and timeless.

The father-in-law of my cousin, who has dedicated his entire retired life for match-making, called me up and asked whether I am planning to get married this year (I should marry by now, or else it would be too late, he said)? I said ‘no’, he said, “very good, than I am sending some photos to your office address, select and tell me…”
I said, “I said NO”. He said, “I know you said no. That means you have not selected for your own…don’t worry help is in hand…tell me what’s your choice.”

Needless to say I stopped worrying. The photos are due anytime. I would browse through it and figure out with whom I have to sleep lifelong, for whom I have to buy things that I don’t want. For whom I have to unnecessary run to the doctor even if I am healthy, for whom I have to tell lies to my parents and siblings… “no, I don’t have any money left…”

I slept till 2 in the afternoon, woke up and saw my face in the broken mirror. My hairs were next to bushland. I brushed and went to the barber’s shop. Entered, and came back…cause suddenly I remembered my mother had once told me not to have a haircut on my birthday. The barber, who had started cleaning the seat, cursed me on my birthday.

My cousin, who lives with me and is a student, asked for 500 bucks. I gave. He came back with a card and a wallet of Woodland. Gleefully he handed it over to me and said ‘happy birthday’. I was overwhelmed. I tried hard to stop my tears. I became emotional. I wanted to kick him hard on my birthday. I knew, I am not going to get those 500 bucks in the foreseeable future.

And I was amazed to find out how many people I share my birthday with. Believe me or not, while coming to the office, my car got stuck into a jam near a house. It was evening time. The house, beside which I was standing, suddenly burst out in gleeful chorus of 3-70 years old. “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dear…,” I didn’t hear I increased the volume of the FM to its peak. The driver got a shock.

The jam was over soon. We were on our way; I lowered the volume, said “Thanks to you all.”

P.S. I should not forget Gypsy who was the first friend to wish me…though a little late…at 00.30 on January fourth. There was a serious lamentation on her voice that she missed my birthday. My dear Gypsy, I forgive you and all my friends for this negligence and indifference and once gain would like to say… “thanks to you all.”


gypsy said...

it was divine intervention my dear that i found out it was ur bday on the 3rd..unfortunately (working the night shift that we are) when i did wish u, it was still jan 3rd in our world...but jan 4th for the rest of Bangalore :-) anyways..
birthdays are special days only for urself..but it helps if people wish us! Cheers

ace of spades said...

what excuse can i give for the oversight except plain and simple ignorance. and true to the spirit of IST, "Happy Birtday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ghetufool, happy birthday to you".

Ghetufool said...

Gypsy, you are right indeed. after you wished me, i was feeling very happy and special. thanks

Ghetufool said...

ace of spade,
no probs dear. and yes, thankee, thankee and thankee.

Roshomon said...

Belated Happy Bithday!

Chaila Bihari said...

Bhalo Theko/bhalo rekho
Blated happy b de

Tiny Black Cat said...

gah, happy birthday-ta baashi hoye gelo. ami jaantam na. amar kachhe tomar email id-o nei, card pathabar-o kono chance nei. but now on, i'll remember. aschhe bochhor aabar hobey :D

Pip Squeak said...

Your goddamn cousin is a sore loser. R U sure the wallet isn't cheap trash?

you sure have a lot of people to wish you.

Oh, and a belated (un)happy birthday.

I don't mean to be rude, but quite frankly it sounded quite unhappy...

Anonymous said...

sooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy Ghetu...didn't know that it was ur b'day on 3rd. Belated wishes.

Ghetufool said...

thanks :-D

aami bhalo achi, tomakeo bhalo rakhar chestao korbo. aar tomai ajasro dhanyabad. aabar esho.

Ghetufool said...

tomar biryhday ta bolo. aami thik time e wish korbo. aar tumi jodi aamar birthday na jano, seta tomar dosh noy. trutita aamar. onek dhonyobad. bhalo theko.

Ghetufool said...

my cousin is a happy soul nowadays. i am not sure whether the wallet was a cheap one or not. but it had this imprint of woodland. but after using it for three-four days and reading your comment, i am seriously doubting its authenticity.
thanks for the wishes.

u need not to be soooorrrryyyy. just give me a cigarette as a compensation.

Pip Squeak said...

In case anyone feels like 'wishing' me on my birthday, it's on 26th January....

Ghetufool said...

pip, your birthday will be remembered with utmost sincerity. afterall, i get leave that day.

joking, i have noted it in my diary. will wish in due time.