Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye friend

goodbye 2005. what an eventful year you were. i got so much. i lost so much. but if i weigh the pros and cons, i must acknowledge, you were a great year for me. i got liberated.
perhaps this is the first time in my life that i am feeling sad for an year to go. this is the first time that i am not welcoming the next year with the enthusiasm as i used to do.
what an eventful year you were.
you taught me life dear.
now that you are going, i bid you farewell friend.
you will always be a very special year to remember in my iteranary.

goodbye 2005, i know it very well that none of the coming years would be as challenging and ful l of surprises that you were.

so my friend, with a heavy heart, i bid you adieu.


Feroze said...

Wish you a great 2006 - a year of joy - Feroze (

Godknows said...

Happy New Year- All the best from Vietnam

Ghetufool said...

hi ferozeda,
a very happy new year to you also. so you have started a new blog. have commented there. check it
do come again.

Ghetufool said...

hi godknows,
what a pleasent surprise to get you here.
thanks friend for coming. i do visit your blog quite often but you have got so much admirer, i dont feel like to comment. i am a minor blogger.
a very happy new year dear. do come again.