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Goodbye friend

goodbye 2005. what an eventful year you were. i got so much. i lost so much. but if i weigh the pros and cons, i must acknowledge, you were a great year for me. i got liberated.
perhaps this is the first time in my life that i am feeling sad for an year to go. this is the first time that i am not welcoming the next year with the enthusiasm as i used to do.
what an eventful year you were.
you taught me life dear.
now that you are going, i bid you farewell friend.
you will always be a very special year to remember in my iteranary.

goodbye 2005, i know it very well that none of the coming years would be as challenging and ful l of surprises that you were.

so my friend, with a heavy heart, i bid you adieu.
Happy New Year 2006 Everybody

(Please continue coming to my blog and DON'T shun me Pllllllll...)

Adventures of Piklu...Bhokkattaa

Piklu was tired with his hand held video game. It’s a useless thing. It doesn’t come close to his wooden truck or the sling or the little newspaper-kite his father makes him everyday.

He threw the handheld device and ran to the terrace. His house is surrounded by huge-monstrous palm-trees on all three sides. This is the reason he never comes to the terrace at night. At night this tree reminds him of the jakkha in the thakurmar jhuli. And he is sure, some of the rakshasas live in the palm trees. Though, according to his mother, even ghosts cannot tame him, but he fears ghosts, this much he admits on his own.

It’s 2 pm and there is nobody in his house to police him. He has just managed to slip past his fast asleep mother. He hates when his mother forces him to sleep in the afternoon, when there is so many activities going on around the world.

Piklu took his sling and arrived at the terrace. It’s winter and modhu dada is flying kites. There will be soon dog-fight between the lattu and mukhp…

Adventures of Piklu...Fishy

“Hold on, who’s there?”, shouted the policeman in broken bengali.
“It’s me sir,” piklu came out from his hiding place, trembling.
“And what you were doing there?” the policeman thundered through his big, rolled, black, waxed-moustache.
“I will never come here. I swear, I will never come this close to a pond. I am a good boy.”

The policeman started observing him with rolling eyes.

“I am a good boy, I drink milk and I do my homework regularly, and I got a gold star in my diary as I corrected all my maths. Don’t take me to jail…pl…” piklu’s voice choked in fear.

Still the policeman would go on inspecting him, frowning, eyes squeezed…biting his lips.
“your name?” thundered the cloud.
“Soumen Majumdar, also Piklu, also Bitlu, also Bablu, also palash, and my grandpa call me bhombol, my granny calls me laalkumar, and my didi calls me tiktiki, and my maa calls me sonamona, and my uncle in nagpur call…” piklu’s voice again choked, the policeman is still looking at him, this time with rounded eyes. “…m…


“No Sushama, don’t switch on the light. Darkness is perfectly fine. This darkness is nothing compared to the black hole that is sucking on my whole existence to oblivion.
I am tired of this tussle. I want to resign to my fate, I want to resign to you.”
I stood up and reached for Sushama who was seating in the sofa. Sushama sprang up and attempted to run. I again leaned myself to the wall.

“oh Sushama, you thought I was going to touch you, did I ever touched you all these years? Even when we were really closed and I had every chance to defile you, Did I, ever touched you my friend? Than how did you imagine that I am going to take advantage of this darkness? Friend…answer me.

Yes, you are my dearest friend. I have known nobody in this world except you. (Than I quickly corrected)…by nobody I meant girl. But does that mean I have unnatural tendencies? No, no darling, I just wanted to ensure that my love is platonic. Oh, it was a great fight. How many times I wanted to kiss you. See, try to un…

SMS Joke

This is not mine, somebody forwarded it to me. thought it a duty to salute the creativity.

BOND meets an Andhra guy...
James Bond: "my name's BOND...(smiles and then says) James Bond...and you?

Andhraguy: i am sai...
venkata sai...
siva venkata sai...
laxminarayna siva venkata sai...
srinivasulu laxminarayna siva venkata sai...
rajasekhara srinivasulu laxminarayna siva venkata sai...
sitaramanjaneyulu rajasekhara srinivasulu laxminarayna siva venkata sai...
bommiraju sitaramanjaneyulu rajasekhara srinivasulu laxminarayna siva venkata sai...

and thus BOND faints.


We both didn’t talk for long. Both were sad. Me and Santanu.
I was slowly sipping the cocktail. Two shots of whisky with one of a gin and two hints of rum…sponsored by santanu. I needed a hard punch. Let my system get poisoned. May god not recover me from the shock.

Santanu’s long-term girlfriend Sohini getting married today. Santanu was sad. I could see the loss on his face. I was sadder, there was no mirror nearby to see my expressions. Santanu is a very dear friend of mine. We grew up together. Saw our first adult movie together.

I tried to comfort him, “have a sip will forget your pain.”
--no, I won’t friend. At least today I will not. I have to do a lot of work now. Its ok if my family knows that I am drunk, but Sohini’s parents should not. It will be a disgrace. I don’t want them to realise anything.”
I understood. I didn’t pestered him. I suddenly remembered devdas.

Santanu closed his eyes in pain, “time is ticking by. I am going to lose everything. I swear I will not be …


After much dramabaji, U.S. terrorized the world with its much hyped ‘fight against terror’ and attacked Saddam’s Iraq.
The world was astonished to see the fireworks of U.S. in Iraq. My stupid sister stopped watching saas bhi…, saying cnn is a much much bigger entertainer. My nephew, intelligent creature as he is, unearthed the ploy of his parents not buying him crackers and hiding the fact that diwali was on.

The news shook the world and nobody was shaken as much as Calcutta university’s student union. Some of our student federation members stopped shaving in protest until they became al-queda members lookalike. However, when they found the clolonial powers, the capitalist rascals, the bloody fascists are not going to leave Iraq in the foreseeable future and they are slowly turning into the mythical parashuram after crossing the rabindranath phase, they decided to walk for the barber shop.

But that was after months that our comrades in Calcutta decided to take over the colonials.

Soon aft…

Kaun banega karorpati...dwitiya

--Namaste, satsriakaal, aadab, mein amitabh bacchan aapke samne, leke hajir hua hu, phir ek bar, kaun banega karorpati dwitiya.
(audiences in dark start clapping along with a music as if crusader king Richard of England just captured the castle of a jehadi king)
Aaj, mere samne beithe hai Jarshad kakiara…kakku…cuckoo…
(a club-shaped man intervenes, with a child-like smile, “Kakkrakandy”)
Ji haa, kakkara (“kandy”, the man again intervenes with a shy smile)
-Yes, Jarshad kakk…, whatever, aiye aap aur hum khele yeh adbhut game, jiska naam hei …(looks at the club-shaped man)
Jarshad Kakkrakandy, answers “kauun banayega karrorrpatti”

Amitabh shows Jarshad the seat, adjusts the seat for him. Jarshad sits, the chair shrieks.

--aur abhi mere samne baithe hain Jarshad n. k., from Chennai, who is a journalist with reuters, loves reading dilbert, unka favourite movie hai “chandramukhi”. And he is the self-proclaimed ‘king of PJ’.

--Haan to Jarshad saab, aapne likhe hein ke apke naam hei Jarshad n.k. now …

Prisoner of the Heaven

The sugarcane vendor went pass my window. I suddenly remembered my childhood days when I used to chew the sweet sugarcanes with my sister, sitting in the verandah. Quickly I put on my shirt and called him.

The van stopped. I choose one nice sugarcane piece, gave him five rupees. Before I move on, I saw the boy standing, holding the van. Looking like a glutton to the pieces. His dresses were shabby. He couldn’t afford to enjoy the sweet juices even if he was dyeing for it.

I felt it disgraceful to enjoy one without giving to somebody who deserves it the most. I offered him one. He violently shook his head, but later on agreed after some persuasion.
I gave him the choice to pick any piece he liked.

He grabbed one. Before I could pay, he pronounced, “I have got a sister, she likes sugarcanes.”

I nodded “sure, take one more.” His house was nearby, standing there he called her, “Jasmine come quickly, sugarcanes.”

The charming little girl ran out of the house along with a gang of ten to twelve.