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Pyar Me Twist

If sex is moksha for life my dog has achieved nirvana by now.
That day also I spotted him locked in pleasured agony to a German lady. Not that of a homo-sapiens species, my neighbour’s German Shepard had reached her puberty, and she was happy fucking with my nerry kutta (stray dog).
Being a responsible citizen, an Indian citizen, I should have prevented the lower caste to have love interest with that of a high caste, but suddenly the father in me rose and let them go having a whale of a time. And of course the Rangeela effect did not leave me by then. Just two days back I watched that in Lighthouse with Arpita (corner seat).
But my neighbour didn’t find it amazing. He came with a bamboo stick and threatened to attack the Kamasutra models.
But Bhombol is no ordinary dog. He knows how to fight back. His one groan was enough to take the air out of the ‘pyar ke dushman’.
That coward Shakti Kapur started pelting stones at my dog from his terrace. I couldn’t keep quite, I retaliated with a half-brick which fell right near the invader’s feet.
He couldn’t get me, as I was hiding in Abid chacha’s attic.
The perplexed Goswami started looking here and there, fuming but was careful not to shout. If he would have shouted, people would gather and discover her daughter’s scandalous deed.
However, when he recovered from the shock, he started again. I followed suite.
Again perplexed, he started looking towards the direction of the missile.
By then, the lover’s has done their job. After enjoying the virginity of Sweetie, my proud Bhombol peed at the lightpost to ward off any wandering philander and proudly marched away hanging his pink tongue.
Goswami, recovering from the shock, started yelling. “bastard, khankir chele, chud marani, shuorer baccha…”
People gathered around inquired whom he was yelling about. He kept mum. I was in the crowd. I could see his BP rising. And when I asked, what happened Goswamida, he bursted out. “what happend means…your…your…bloody…your…forget it…leorachoda...”
Naturally I was angry, I enquired, are you saying something to me? He melt down…no man, don’t mind I was cross with the construction workers. They didn’t fix the gate properly, gorute ashe fool kheye jay.”
I forgave him.
Days later, Bhombol locked his pleasure point with another one. This time a stray Dalmatian. Abondoned by her owners, since they were changing apartment.
Then he had sex with all the bitches within his jurisdiction.
Surprise surprise, when Sweetie gave birth to six litters, Goswamida sold them stating they were pure-bred. He charged five thousand each for them. Well, not all that he sold.
He gave me one. Don’t know why, may be the grand-father in me rose looking at the litters. After all they are all my Bhombol’s creation. When I asked Goswamida, he gave me a bitch happily. We named her Sundari.
And just after ten months, Bhombole fucked Sundari also, her own daughter. Shameless, in front of everybody they were enjoying each other. My father was preparing for office, he got delayed. My brother was going to his school, he got a shock. I was preparing for my office too. I bunked that day. Thank god, mother was to her brother’s place.
Actually they had started earlier in some obscure corner, when they loitered and came into our notice, it was too late. By then they were in the pleasure lock. Wandering in wonderland.

I locked them into a room to avoid visual pollution. Was waiting for them to finish this fucking business.

Sundari is expecting now. And what you say about the litter that are one third Alsatian and rest from a road dog? Shall we say Roadesian?

So here it goes, Roadesian puppies for free. Interested anyone?


Anonymous said…
may be you should try writing a book on "doggy dilemma".
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Reminds me of a popular Net shairi:

Aji arz hai...

kutte ke upar kutta
kutte ke upar kutta
kutte ke upar kutta aur uske upar ek aur kutta
kutte ke upar kutta
kutte ke upar kutta
kutte ke upar kutta
kutte ke upar kutta aur uske upar ek aur kutta

arrey waaah...Kya Balance Hai
Tiny Black Cat said…
gorute ashe fool kheye jay...

lol, ki precision of noticing speeches! aar ki golpo... suitable for a proper k-serial... ekhoni apply koro.
gypsy said…
a roadesian!! and u as the grandpa!!! now that would be a great litter to watch out for ;-)
Pip Squeak said…
I strongly suggest you rechristen your 'kutta' Don Juan.....

And it all sounded like a distorted version of Malgudi if i may say so. not that Narayan ever wrote much anout sex, but all this lower class upper class thingy, and social clashes were his cup of tea really. of course the arguments were never cross-species.
Due credit to you.....
Anonymous said…
Wow! I never knew the coitus between the dogs could be such an interesting episode. From nowonwards I too would watch the act. May be it inspires the humorist in me!!! Well done job. I have never read a better piece on sex between the animals till date!!! Please send it to Maneka Gandhi. She can use it as a write up against forcible castration of dogs,
Ghetufool said…
kya baat hai fool mia. aap to khandani shayer nikle.
Ghetufool said…
my story is far more intelligent than that of a K-series. won't like to hand it over to the perpetual idiots.
and thanks that you liked it, though it was meant for adults.
cheers kiddo
Ghetufool said…
gypsy, dont only watch out, take the litter/s. as i said it's for free.
Ghetufool said…
you know what is the name given when somebody outdo don-juan-de-marco? its bhombol.
so is my dog.
and don loved the gals he slept with, about bhombol, its purely bodily love.
Ghetufool said…
anon 1 and 2,
thanks for visiting my blog.
1, so u suggest me to write a book. hope at least u would buy that.

and yes, 2, i am forwarding this note to maneka gandhi. but you should guarantee my protection.
Anonymous said…
To a fool on the hill: Wah Wah
To ghetufool: Wah Wah

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